Two tankers were in flames in a supposed attack in the Gulf of Oman


Iran said its navy had rescued 44 crew members after the two vessels. The US Fifth Fleet said its warships had received distress calls from both vessels in a “reported attack”. The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker, a 111,000-tonne vessel, was carrying a cargo of ethanol from Qatar to Taiwan. 23 of the crew jumped into the water and were saved by a passing ship. An hour after the first accident the second ship caught fire at 9:50am 28 nautical miles off the port.


The Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous was headed to Singapore from Saudi Arabia with a cargo of methanol, and 21 of its crew jumped and were rescued. Thursday’s incident comes one month after a series of presumed mysterious “acts of sabotage” targeted four commercial vessels. Tehran said it has dispatched a helicopter from the port of Bandar-e-Jask to the ships’ location for “further investigation”. Saudi King Salman earlier this month warned a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation that “terrorist” attacks in the Gulf region could imperil global oil supplies.


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