Myna bird taken away from Chinese zoo for yelling obscenities


Half of the birds were so good Mandarin language “speakers” that they were moved in the Zoo’s World of Birds exhibit so that everyone can hear and see them. The Mynas used to greet all Zoo visitors with words like Hello or with blessing in Chinese: “Gong Xi Fa Gai” (a blessing). But one day this all changed. One of the Myna birds began yelling obscenities.

The foul mouth was immediately taken away from the other birds. The bird’s caretaker from the Mountain Forest Zoo explained that the Myna bird is now in solitary confinement. Hopefully the Bird will forget the obscenities it learned from one of the Zoo visitors. Li Yun, one of the Zoo’s care-taker, explained that Mynas are really smart. The other Myna birds might have learned the naughty words too but for now none of the other Mynas spoke anything but nice words.


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