Suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan, killed at least 10 and wounded dozens


Eight of the victims are believed to be police officers. At least seven of the wounded were in critical condition. Muslims are in the holy month of Ramadan. Data Darbar is the largest Sufi shrine in South Asia and attracts tens of thousands of visitors a year. At the time of explosion hundreds were in the area.The attack was claimed by the Hizbul Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, who said they targeting the police.

After attack in Lahore

After attack police have set up checkpoints on main roads leading to the shrine and hospitals have been placed on alert. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has condemned the attack. The investigation is ongoing, the district Commissioner of police for Lahore said. “Police was the prime target in this attack. We are collecting forensic evidences to ascertain the nature of the blast,” said Ashfaq Khan, deputy inspector general of police operations in Lahore. Sufis, who follow a mystical form of Islam that has been practised in South Asia for centuries, have been regularly attacked by hardline Sunni Muslim militants in the past.


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