Taiwanese hiker woman has died from hypothermia after an accident


Ms Wu entered Taiwan’s Nantou County on 11 January and intended to hike alone the Batongguan Historic Trail in Yushan National Park until 24 January. She fell down a 30m gorge, at an altitude of over 1670m, and called for assistance on her satellite phone on Saturday. She indicated she was in distress and unable to move because of a leg injury. The rescue team was unable to use the helicopter due to bad weather. A rescue mission was sent out on foo. She was found dead on Monday, 43 hours after her emergency call, after temperatures had been around freezing point during the previous night. She was an experienced hiker, appearing to use proper equipment and precautions during her expeditions.

Gigi Wu in a bikini photo

In 2018, she revealed she spent 127 days, a third of the year, hiking. Wu explained she first got the idea of posting bikini photos after losing a bet with a friend. Her last Facebook post to her more than 18,000 followers is dated 18 January and shows the view from a mountain above the clouds. Hundreds of Ms Wu’s followers posted tributes to the social media star in the wake of her death, on her Facebook page.


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