Saudi women will receive text message when they are divorced


Courts will be required to notify women by text on rulings confirming their divorces. The new regulation is intended to end what are known as secret divorces , cases where men end a marriage without telling their wives. Currently, Saudi men don’t need legal justification to divorce their spouses and the breakup of marriage can take effect instantly..The directive would ensure women are fully aware of their marital status. “It also ensures that any powers of attorney issued before the divorce are not misused,” Saudi lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi told to media.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Economic and social reforms pushed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman changed many aspects related to women’s life and position in society. Women can attend football matches and work in jobs traditionally reserved for men, they can drive cars. Saudi Arabia also passed a new law criminalizing sexual harassment in May. However, they can not apply for passport, traveling or getting a bank account and many other things. Women are imposed a male guardianship system that requires them, according to Human Rights Watch, to receive approval. Life in Saudi Arabia is changing but the country remains gender unequal.


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