Dozens cats competed for a „chief food sampler” job in China


Second, only cats were targeted to participate. The employer was Wang Xi, a Taobao shop owner. He needed a chief cat „food sampler”, to test food for cats. 30 cats participated in the contest. They were selected from about 100. The interview not only compared their weight and health but also tested their appetites, it was important. Wang prepared 15 kinds of canned cat food for the contest.


“This is mainly to test the appetite of cats. In the future, the chief food sampler will try canned food for cats from all over the world, such as American canned deer meat, Thai canned fruits and canned herring and crab,” he said. If you are curious, we have the result of the contest. An American shorthair cat weighing more than 8 kilograms won after it finished eight can kinds of food.


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