Tunnel collapses outside of Tokyo and traps over 25 vehicles



The Sasago Tunnel on the Chuo Expressway in Koshu is located 80 kilometers outside of Tokyo. Authorities arrived quickly at the scene. Fire trucks, ambulances and Police vehicles were parked just outside the tunnel’s entrance. No one could approach the tunnel until the fire was put out but after the fire was out authorities began their rescue plan.

Just outside the tunnel there were victims too.  A vehicle that parked outside the tunnel before the tunnel actually collapsed was heavily damaged as well. Authorities rushed the injured occupants to a nearby hospital.

The 4.3 km long tunnel had over 25 vehicles trapped inside. The cement roof panels that collapsed on the vehicles (both cars and trucks) make the rescue mission harder. Let’s just hope that this nightmare will soon pass and that everyone comes out of there alive and ok.


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