The first “earthscraper” hotel of the world, in China, ready to receive guests


Shimao Wonderland InterContinental, located about 20 miles southwest of Shanghai, was built with 18 floors and 16 of them are underground, with the lowest two submerged inside a 33-foot-deep aquarium. Guests can enjoy views of the various creatures that inhabit the lake. Some of the other rooms offer views of waterfalls and cliffs. Costing 2 billion yuan ($287.9 million) to complete, the 88-meter-deep hotel is in the Songjiang district.The hotel has been nicknamed the “earthscraper” and has 336 rooms. It needed more than a decade for construction and about 5,000 people to achieve it. The hotel’s owners say the facility is able to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake.


The hotel plans to generate its own geothermal and to power everyday functions. The rooms will cost more than $500 per night. Suites were priced at $14,000. “This is such a unique opportunity that gives me some really interesting ideas of reshaping the relationship between city and nature,” the hotel’s architect, Martin Jochman, said. The construction is located in a forest park near the Sheshan Mountain Range. The hotel makes use of its position inside a craggy pit to provide bungee jumping and rock climbing opportunities. Jochman also designed Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. The new hotel is now available for booking.


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