India will unveil next week the world’s tallest statue


Patel was a popular political and social leader, who was part of the freedom struggle that resulted in India’s independence from British colonial rule in 1947. The figure was molded from approximately 1,850 metric tons of bronze. The statue has 182 meters (597 feet) above the Narmada River in the western Indian state of Gujarat. It is twice the size of the statue of Liberty. The cost was over $410 million, sustained with funds allocated by the Gujarat state government, the federal government and individual contributions.


Modi even called on farmers across the country to donate iron. The project includes a museum, research and entertainment center. A 3-star hotel has been built in a complex nearby. Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India, a senior leader of the Indian National Congress and a founding father of the Republic of India. First, he was a successful lawyer. Patel organised relief efforts for refugees fleeing from Punjab and Delhi and worked to restore peace. His commitment to national integration in the newly independent country was total and uncompromising, earning him the sobriquet “Iron Man of India.” In 2014, the Government of India introduced a commemoration of Patel, held annually on his birthday, 31 October, and known as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day).


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