An Indian baby traveling with parents died during the flight from Doha to Hyderabad


After the plane landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Aiport in Hyderabad, the baby was rushed to Apollo Medical Center at the airport but was declared dead. Hyderabad airport authorities denied that the baby died at the airport. “We’re awaiting for investigations to conclude and for official reports from both Qatar Airways and Apollo hospitals on the baby’s death,” a spokeswoman for Hyderabad airport said. The cause of the death was not known. However, a source indicated the supposition that preliminary investogation considered the possibility of the child developing some complications while being fed onboard the aircraft. “Our heartfelt sympathy and thoughts are with the affected family,” the company declared.


A similar accident occurred last month, when a four-month-old died after developing breathing problems on an IndiGo flight to Patna. Actually, researchers have begun paying more attention to in-flight medical emergencies, sleeping positions, injuries from in-flight turbulence and other dangers for infants and toddlers but no regulations were yet issued. But many emergencies involved children. There were cases were infections, fevers, neurologic conditions like seizures, and respiratory problems like asthma produced children’s death even if they had not prior known medical condition. The air inside an airplane cabin doesn’t have quite as much oxygen as the air that we breathe at sea level. At sea level, air has 21 percent oxygen content, whereas the air inside an airplane at high altitude has only 15 percent oxygen.


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