A 6.7 earthquake struck Japan’s island of Hokkaido producing victims and damages


The Japan Meteorological Agency has reported several aftershocks ranging in magnitude from 5.4 to 2.7 but no tsunami risk. The quake triggered massive landslides and produced power losses for nearly 3 million households. Two people have been confirmed dead, 140 people were injured and another 40 have been reported missing. Around 20 people are missing in Atsuma, near the epicenter of the quake. Some missing people are feared to be trapped inside homes wiped out by landslides. Nearly 3 million buildings lost power after the quake rocked the island.


The Tomari nuclear power plant is running on back-up emergency generators as are local hospitals. There were no radiation irregularities at the plant. The atomic regulator said the diesel generators have enough fuel to last seven days. Extensive power outage was caused by an emergency shutdown of the main thermal power plant that supply half of the electricity to all of Hokkaido. Public transit, including the Shinkansen bullet train services have been suspended AND flights have been grounded. More than 4,000 defense force soldiers have been deployed to help with rescue operations, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said. Helicopter rescue crews were also dispatched. Evacuation shelters have been set up in many towns and cities around the region. Japan is still dealing with the effects of Typhoon Jebi, the strongest such storm to hit the Japanese mainland in 25 years.


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