There are hotels operated by robots, even dinosaur robots, in Japan


The travel agency group now runs 8 hotels across the country, all with robots on the staff, some of them dinosaurs, but others taking a more humanoid shape. There are plans in the works to launch 100 more. One of them is located just east of Tokyo. The Henn na Hotel hotel in Tokyo is now featuring two robotic velociraptor bellhops at their front desk. The raptors welcome you during the checking in process. The robo-dinos process check-ins through a tablet system that also allows customers to choose which language they want to use to communicate with the multilingual robots.


Some humans are also on call to intervene in case of glitches. For many people the dinosaurs look intriguing. Each room in the hotel  is also staffed with mini-robots  touch-controlled concierge that look a bit like spherical Star Wars droid BB-8, and help guests with everything from changing channels to playing music.


There are even robo-fish swimming in the lobby’s aquariums. About 80 percent of available reservations are booked longtime before. “Having robots in charge of the reception and placing robots everywhere, we aim to make it the most efficient hotel in the world,” Hideo Sawada, founder and chairman of H.I.S., said.


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