Big scandal around improper manufactured vaccines for children in China


Vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co was found to have falsified production data. It is not known how many children have received the vaccine, but there have not been any reports of children falling ill after receiving the inoculation. However thousands of mothers around the country are worried. On Sunday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged severe punishment for the people involved, saying the incident had “crossed a moral line”. “We will resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that endanger the safety of peoples’ lives, resolutely punish lawbreakers according to the law, and resolutely and severely criticise dereliction of duty in supervision,” he said in a statement posted on a government website.


The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) said the vaccine had been recalled and that the company would be put under investigation. The company has now been ordered to pay a fine of 3.4m yuan ($510,000; £387,957). According to the China Food and Drug Administration, Changsheng fabricated production and inspection records, as well as changing preparation parameters and equipment in “serious violations” of the law.This is not the first time substandard vaccines have been produced in China. In 2016, an illegal vaccine ring which involved hundreds of people was uncovered.


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