Dozens killed by brutal heat waves in Japan


It’s the hottest heatwave in five years and more than 10,000 people have been taken to hospital due to heat stroke-related symptoms. The sweltering heat has impacted some of the same areas as last week’s deadly flood. Rescue teams in Tokyo responded to more than 3.000 calls in one single day, Thursday. Flights have faced delays due to the sweltering temperatures. In Central Japan temperatures peaked at 40.7C and Japan’s Meteorological Agency has predicted that high temperatures could last until August 2. “There is no break in the Japanese heat wave in the near future,” said senior meteorologist Jon Erdman. The death toll currently stands at 30 people, with 10 deaths reported on Thursday, June 19 alone. 


Accuweather predicted the death toll will continue to rise: “AccuWeather estimates the death toll from Japan heatwave is likely already in the hundreds despite the official toll of somewhat more than two dozen, and we predict the number will climb into the thousands before the heatwave ends,” AccuWeather President and Founder Dr Joel N. Myers said. Heat exhaustion and stroke, dehydration, migraines, loss of sleep and mood alteration can all occur due to dangerous heat. Residents in Japan were advised to drink water frequently, to use air conditioners and to block direct sunlight using curtains. Deadly heat waves aren’t uncommon in Japan during the summer months.


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