An 11-year-old girl was raped by several men in Chennai during seven months


Police have today arrested 18 men including the security men, lift operator and water suppliers of the society and are searching for others in connection with the case. According to police the Class VII girl was allegedly sedated with injections, drug-laced soft drinks before sexually assaulting her . The suspects blackmailed the child for a prolonged period with the threat of releasing the videos they made and sexually exploited her for months. This continued until the girl told her sister and the parents alerted police. The girl told police that elevator operator Ravi Kumar, 66, first sexually assaulted her in an unoccupied flat in the complex. Three days later two men from outside the complex also raped her and videotaped the incident. Other men later joined in Rajiv to sexually assault the child repeatedly.

Some of the arrested rapers

A long list with rapers in this case was made. The identified suspects include security guards Murugesh, 54, Palani, 40, Abishek, 23, Sugumaran, 60, Prakash, 58, and Umapathy, 42; elevator operators Ravi Kumar, Paramasivam, 60, Dheenadayalan, 50, Srinivasan, 45, and Babu, 36; plumbers Jaiganesh, 23, Raja, 32, Surya, 23, Suresh, 32; an electrician Jayaraman, 26; a housekeeping employee, Rajasekar, 40; and a gardener, Gunasekar, 55.  Justice is expected to pronnounce in this horrible case.


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