A station master got drunk and fell asleep while on duty, in Uttar Pradesh


The incident occurred in Murshadpur, about 50 miles east of Delhi, whose train station lies on a busy route used by several express trains. Deep Singh did not respond to repeated calls from officials, causing them to rush to the Murshadpur train station. Mr Singh was found sleeping in his office with empty liquor bottles under his cot. many long-distance trains had to stop and wait since there was no green signal at the station. “He was dead drunk and could barely walk,” a senior railway official declared. Authorities added that a medical examination showed a high level of alcohol in Singh’s blood.


“It is a very serious matter,” a Northern Railway official said yesterday. “We will take stern action against the guilty station master.” Even unusual, such incidents previously occurred in India. In 2016, the Times of India reported that a station master in Rajasthan had been suspended after passing out drunk while on duty at a station near the Pakistan border, leaving an express train stranded outside the station waiting for clearance.


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