2 Young Girls Arrested for Opposing Shiv Sena on Facebook


The Communist Party of −Marxist criticized the arrests of 2 young women for making anti−Sena remarks. The party also went on to seek action against the police officers who were involved in slapping cases against them.

According to the CPI−M statement, it is now imperative for the Congress−NCP state government to take instant steps & stop indulging with the whims & wants of the Shiv Sena.

The statement further revealed that the Shiv Sena ideology was profoundly communal & reminded of the fact that, Bal Thackeray hailed the destruction of the Babri Masjid back in 1992.

The intolerance from the Shiv Shena led to the arbitrary arrests of 2 young girls in Palghar and a subsequent attack on the hospital of one of the uncle of one of the girls.

The two young girls were arrested mainly because of their opposing views published on Facebook followed by Thackeray’s death this Saturday.


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