Dozens were killed and many missing after a boat overturned southern Thailand


Another 29 are missing. A lot of bodies were found by divers inside the vessel’s submerged hull. Strong winds continued to blow as rescue workers searched for survivors in the Andaman Sea off the popular island destination of Phuket. The Phoenix PC diving boat ran into trouble off the coast of the resort island of Phuket when a storm whipped up waves as high as five meters (16 feet), crashing them against the vessel and causing it to keel over.


Somjing Boontham, the captain of the Phoenix, was quoted in Thai media as saying his vessel was hit by a 13- to 16-foot wave. “Seawater flooded inside the vessel. The water pump was not fast enough to pump the water out and the boat began to lean,” he said. Fishing boats were contacted for help but the boat sank very quickly. The Thai Navy, marine police and local fishermen searched for the remaining passengers Thursday evening, called off their operation late at night and resumed their search again Friday morning. Another boat sank southeast of Phuket; officials said all 39 people aboard the Senalika were rescued. The island of Phuket is known for its beaches and luxurious resorts.


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