Suicide attack on Kabul voters registration center, dozens were killed


Another source indicated however 95 dead. People were waiting in the queue outside the center, set up inside a school in the Dasht-e Barchi, an area in western Kabul, to get their Tazkira, or identification card, so they could vote in the upcoming election. Mohammad Daoud Amin, Kabul’s police chief, told media that the bomber Sunday detonated explosives attached to his body. Talibans denied to be involved and the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack via its online news portal, Amaq. The death toll is likely to rise.

Blood at the scene of attack

A number of small attacks have occurred against offices and officials working for the elections commission in other parts of Afghanistan since the launch of the registration process more than a week ago. The election was not held three years ago because of poor security and lack of readiness. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has been pressurized by international allies to hold the long-delayed elections this yea. It had been rescheduled for this July. Later was reset for October. Elections are scheduled to be held in many areas that are under Taliban control. 2,260 civilians were killed in this country the first three months of 2018.


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