A story from the real life of a young Afghan woman, when a little magic appears


What’s in the image ? A woman sits on the floor of a classroom, nursing her baby while simultaneously taking a high-stakes exam, as dozens of other students around her do the same. It was a real life fact which occurred in a private university in Afghanistan’s Daykundi province. Taab, who has three children, married to a farmer, traveled about six to eight hours from her native village of Hoshto, in Miramar district, to Nilli to attend the exam. She passed the Kankor exam with 152 points and she now wants to attend the social science faculty, concerned that she cannot afford university fees which are around 10,000 to 12,000 Afghan Afghani ($143 to $172).

Taab at exam

A British organization, the Afghan Youth Association, launched a GoFundMe to support Taab’s studies. They wrote: “The reason for the campaign is that nothing should stop this woman who have made such afford to take the exam with her 2-month-old child.”And now the magic appears:  she was offered a place at a prestigious Kabul University to study economics. A female politician has offered to pay the fees and Afghanistan Second Vice President offered a free flat for a year. She answered with modesty: „My aim is to serve the women in my village after I have graduated.”


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