The emergency door of a plane was opened by a passsenger in mid air in South Korea


A man in his 30s who was sitting at the emergency seat in an Asiana Airlines jet opened the door in mid-air, when the jet was coming to land in Daegu, Soth Korea on Friday morning. Attendants were unable to prevent the suspect from opening the door because they were already seated for landing. It was chaos on the flight. The passengers included teenage athletes who plan to attend track and field competitions in Ulsan, another southeastern city.12 peoples suffered injuries from hyperventilation and some of them, including eight schoolchildren from Jeju, have been sen to hospitals after landing.


The plane, an Airbus 321-200, which was about 700 feet (213 meters) has landed safely with 200 people on board, including its team. The man was arrested. Police are investigating the incident. Any person who contravenes the Aviation Security Act could be prosecuted and sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. The man resused to answer being questioned. Experts don.t understand how the incident was possible as the plane was traveling about 170 miles an hour at that point in the flight. Normally the difference in air pressure inside and outside the cabin prevents the doors from opening. short video of the incident was shared on social media. South Korea’s aviation industry has a solid track record for safety.