Iran will use smart cameras to identify women who violate the hijab law


It is a known and condemned fact, Iran has hard discriminative rules for women. But it will be even worse soon. Police in Iran plan to use smart technology, video cameras in public places to identify women who violate the country’s strict Islamic dress code, the hijab law, established after the Islamic revolution of 1979. After constatation, the registered proof will be sent to law violators with a warning they will be punished if „repeating this crime.” Women risk arrest for not covering their hair. “From next Saturday, people who remove their veil will be identified by using smart equipment,” Iran’s police chief, Ahmad-Reza Radan, declared in a televised statement.


Women will be observed even when they are passengers in the cars. In this case, the cars will be seized after warning. Iranian police also warned it would not tolerate “any individual or collective behaviour and actions that are contrary to the law”. The government position was detailed by the state-aligned Tasnim news agency: „“In the context of preserving values, protecting family privacy and maintaining the mental health and peace of mind of the community, any kind of individual or collective behavior against the law, will not be tolerated.”