A wedding gift stuffed with explosive killed two people in India


A Chhattisgarh 22-year-old man in India, who got married last week in Chamari village, received a home theatre as a wedding gift.The object was a bomb and blew up on Monday killing the new married man and his brother, when they tried to set up the device. Four others, including a one-and-a-half year boy, were seriously injured in the blast. They were taken to the district hospital in Kawradha.The intensity of the blast led to the collapse of walls and the roof of the room. The incident shocked the local community. The investigation found that the gift with the bomb inside was given by another man who previously had an affair with the woman who married.


It was identified as Sanju Markam, a resident of Chhapla village in Balaghat district. The police have arrested him. Sanju, who is a mechanic, is already married and has two children. He has previously worked in the mining sector and had some experience using explosive material. Kabirdham Additional Superintendent of Police Manisha Thakur said that during interrogation, the accused accepted that he was angry with his ex-girlfriend for getting married.