Double-decker bus accident in Hong Kong killed at least 19 Saturday


The dead included 15 males and four females. 10 of the injured are in a critical condition. Reports suggest it was going too fast. Representatives from the bus operator said on Saturday evening that the driver had a good track record and knew the route, which only runs on race days. The injured where sent to 12 hospitals. an independent investigation led by a judge would carried out to establish what caused the crash.”

Emergency operation after bus accident in Hong Kong

“It was really chaotic in the bus. People fell on one another and got tossed from side to side,” a passenger said after accident. The driver has been arrested for dangerous driving, police said. He had not been under the influence of alcohol. Some passengers were trapped in the bus. The southern Chinese city promotes its public transport system as one of the best infrastructures in the world. Hong Kong’s worst road traffic accident occurred in 2003 when a double-decker bus collided with a truck and plunged from a bridge, killing 21 people.


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