100,000 were evacuated because a massive volcano eruption is possible in Bali


The situation would be reviewed every six hours. If Bali’s airport will not open on Tuesday, buses and ferries would be arranged to take travelers to Surabaya on Java. Indonesia’s tourism ministry said member hotels of the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association will provide a night’s free accommodation to people affected by the airport closure. Explosions can be heard 7 miles away of  Mount Agung which has been hurling clouds of white and dark gray ash about 10,000 feet into the atmosphere since the weekend. Videos released by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency showed a mudflow of volcanic debris and water known as a lahar moving down the volcano’s slopes. The agency raised the volcano’s alert to the highest level early Monday and expanded the danger zone to 6 miles. Lava is rising in the crater.


Bali is Indonesia’s top tourist destination attracting about 5 million visitors a year. Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and has more than 120 active volcanoes. The last eruption ob Bali island was in 1963 and killed more than 1,000 people. “It is a young active volcano, and it has a long history of repeated explosive eruptions. It is the sort of volcano that probably erupts once every hundred years or so,” David Pyle, professor in earth sciences at the University of Oxford, said.


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