A 10-story building collapsed killing several people in southwest Iran


A 10-story building sudden collapsed in the southwest city of Abadan in the busiest street at the centre of the city in the Iranian province of Khuzestan on Monday. The building was still partly under construction, its lower floors had been open for a few days. Inspectors had reportedly issued safety warnings months prior to Metropol’s collapse. Pictures showed that concrete floors and steel beams had fallen on to the street below, crushing several cars.At least five people were killed and 27 people injured. Dozens people remained trapped under the rubble. One helicopter, 12 teams and sniffer dogs were dispatched for the rescue operation. The cause of the collapse is under investigation. The owner of the building and the contractor were both arrested. Other buildings in the area are at risk of collapse.


32 people have been rescued from under the rubble. Most of those who were trapped had been shopping on the ground floor. The climate and weather with orange clouds of dust and pollutants permeating the air on a hot day reaching temperatures of about 45 degrees Celsius are proving a real obstacle. The density of pollutants and dust in the city was more than 42 times the permitted limit on Monday. the number and intensity of pollution events have increased in recent weeks. Anti-riot police closed off adjacent streets in the hours following the collapse because angered citizens gatheed and shouted at local municipality officials.