The obligation for women to cover their face in public was reimposed by Taliban in Afghanistan


Afghanistan’s Taliban government, by a decree from the group’s supreme leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, ordered women on Saturday to cover their faces in public, as it happened in the past. More,if this rule will not be respected, in fact if a woman did not cover her face outside home, her father or closest male relative face potential prison or firing from state jobs, can be fined or jailed. The recommended face covering is blue burqa, which was obligatory for women in public during the Taliban’s previous 1996-2001 rule. In recent months in recent months the Taliben has added regulations limiting women’s movement without a male chaperone and banning men and women from visiting parks together.


Regarding the reintroduced face covering rule, critics occurred immediately and some said that women in Afghanistan are also confronted with big existential problems. “The biggest challenge women face every day is the lack of jobs and economic crisis,” Fawzia Koofi, former Afghanistan parliament deputy speaker, said. „The Taliban believe that the woman’s place is in the home,” Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network concluded. The criticism trend about Taliban’s decisions increased in the past months. In January, a group of 36 UN human rights experts said that Taliban leaders in Afghanistan are institutionalising large-scale and systematic gender-based discrimination and violence against women and girls. Sanctions and exclusion from international financial institutions are in place. The U.S. Foreign Office said the Taliban could not hope for international recognition or an end to sanctions imposed if they not respect women’s rights.