A building partially collapsed in Changsha city, China, many trapped inside


An eight-story building, which housed a hotel, apartments and a cinema, caved in on Friday, soon after noon , in Changsha city, Hunan province, with 23 people inside. Four floors had collapsed, spilling concrete and steel onto the street and damaging a neighbouring building. City authorities said the building was near the north gate of Changsha Medical University and was a mixed-use residential brick and concrete structure covering about 800 square meters. Changsha’s fire department sent 23 fire trucks, 134 fire-and-rescue personnel and four search-and-rescue dogs to the scene. Rescuers saved only five people on Saturday. Other 18 are supposed trapped. In addition, 39 other people were thought to be missing in the area.


The rescued are in a stable condition in hospital. President Xi Jinping has given instructions to rescue the latest victims “at all costs”, according to state-run news agency Xinhua. He also asked punishment for those responsible. The owner of the building has been detained on suspicion of illegally adding structures. Rescue efforts are continuing . On Saturday morning, Emergency Management Minister Huang Ming told officials at all levels to crack down on illegal construction and repair work, as several housing collapses have occurred in China over the past two years.