Severe Typhoon Hato killed at least 16 people and produced important material damage in Asia


Exteriors of buildings, including parts of multi-billion dollar casinos, were ripped away by Hato’s powerful winds. About 27,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters in the Chinese province. More than 150 were injured. Many cars submerged in water. A widespread power outage continued to plague residents and businesses into Thursday. This, a maximum signal 10 storm, was the strongest typhoon to hit the region in 18 year. More than 300 cases of damaged properties were reported.

Flooding after Hato Typhoon in South China

Transport links, businesses and stock market trading were back to normal on Thursday, but parts of the territory were still grappling with wind damage and flooding. The streets are covered with debris. As a result of suspended stock trading, disrupted business and widespread flight cancellations, the material loss produced by Hato was up 1$billion. “The city looks like it was just in a war,” said a man in Macau. Schools, museums and public venues remained closed on Thursday. Casino stocks listed in Hong Kong fell versus a rise in the benchmark Hang Seng Index on Thursday with the full impact on gambling revenues and economic cost still unknown. Hato had been downgraded to a tropical storm on Thursday and was about 680 km (422 miles) west of Hong Kong.


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