Victims and devastation by heavy rains in India and Sri Lanka


Rains at this time in Tamil Nadu, India, are not unusual, but experts have warned that climate change has exacerbated the problem. At least 14 people have died. Several districts in the state are on high alert, bracing for more torrents. The Indian Meteorological Department warned of intense rains in isolated places. In some parts of the state, including the capital, Chennai, vehicles nearly submerged in the heavily flooded roads. Officials have evacuated hundreds of people from vulnerable areas. Over 100 relief centers where free food was distributed were organized. Also flight into Chennai have been suspended.At least 800 huts have been destroyed this past week by the rains, said Kumar Jayant of the state’s revenue department. Some areas have been experiencing power outages. More than 100,000 acres of crops have also been damaged in the region.


Even more devastation is expected, as meteorologists warned that heavy rains will continue triggering further flooding. Multiple teams from the National Disaster Response Force had been deployed to help local authorities with rescue efforts.Last month, at least 28 people were killed in neighboring Kerala state by heavy rains. Heavy rains also produced now victims on Sri Lanka’s coast. 20 people have died in recent days, most from drowning.