New Pumpkin Burger for sale in Burger King Japan


Pumpkin-flavor is popular this time of year and turns up in everything from pies to potato chips.


The Burger King burger will cost around $3.9 and will contain two slices of Japanese pumpkin, lettuce, bacon, beef, and a savory nut sauce. The burger’s bun has sesame on top. But two slices of kabocha (the name of the Japanese pumpkin) might not be enough for some people. This is why Burger King added an option to top that and offer you 10 slices in total for an extra $1.3. The option is called “pumpkin bomb” and getting this will really make your Burger King Pumpkin Burger look and taste like a pumpkin.

It is expected that many people will try Burger King’s new burger at least from curiosity’s sake. The idea of a pumpkin burger is strange but because it will be offered as a limited edition burger it just might work. If you are in Japan don’t miss your chance to try the new Pumpkin Burger!



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