Tragedy in India: dozens children had died at a public hospital of Uttar Pradesh


The hospital owed $89,750 to a medical supply company called Pushpa Sales Pvt. Ltd. based in Lucknow. Pushpa discontinued the oxygen supply Aug. 4. However, the state’s health minister and hospital officials have denied charges that the deaths were caused by the oxygen bill dispute. In the last 5 days already, 60 children have lost their lives due to a number of reasons among which is the infections arising out of encephalitis.

Hospital in Uttar Pradesh

Many of the deaths happened at the intensive care unit of the hospital. The region is one the poorest in India and records hundreds of deaths of children due to diseases. The deaths provoked widespread outrage and condemnation across the political spectrum and in social media. “30 kids died in hospital without oxygen. This is not a tragedy. It’s a massacre,” Indian Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, a child advocate, said in a tweet. The government suspended the medical college principal Saturday. State officials said an investigation has been launched. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office said on Twitter that he was constantly monitoring the situation.


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