An Indian man from Kollam convicted double life sentence after he killed his wife using a cobra snake


Sooraj Kumar, 28, an Indian man from Kollam who was arrested after his wife, Uthra, 25, died from a snakebite, was convicted a double life sentence. Prosecutors asked the death sentence for him. The judge also convicted him 10 years’ imprisonment for causing hurt by poison and seven years for causing disappearance of evidence and ordered him to pay a fine of 500,000 rupees ($6,635; £4,869). He will serve first the sentences for poisoning and destruction of evidence. After, his life imprisonment will commence. Sooraj pleaded not guilty but police said his phone records showed he was in touch with snake handlers and had watched snake videos on the internet. The court in Kerala found him guilty of releasing a cobra onto the bed while Uthra slept.


Investigators revealed that previously he tried to kill his wife with a viper. She was recovering from the first snakebite when she was attacked by the cobra. Police also arrested a man who had helped him procure the snakes. Police charges ran into 1,000 pages. Uthra was from an affluent family but her husband, a bank worker, was not well off. The victim’s mother was not satisfied with the sentence. Using snake to kill a person is not very common even in India.