Gunmen dressed as lawyers killed top gangster in Court in Delhi, on Friday afternoon


An unexpected incident occurred at Delhi’s Rohini Court room. Delhi’s top gangster Jitender Gogi standing trial for murder has been shot dead. Special force personnel escorting the gangster then fired back, killing both the attackers on the spot. The shooters were two men, believed to be members of a rival gang. Sources confirmed that the attackers were from Tilu Tajpuria gang. “They killed Gogi and the cops shot them dead,” sources said adding that the Judge was present in the court at the time of the incident. A woman lawyer was also injured during the firing.Dressed as lawyers, they opened fire in Court on Friday afternoon. It was a major security breach.”Two gangsters killed in immediate counterfire by police as they opened fire in lawyers’ attire at a gangster UTP (Under Trial Prisoner) in Rohini court premises this afternoon. All 3 gangsters dead. No other injury or death occurred,” Delhi Police wrote in a tweet.


Mobile phone images captured by people in the court premises in Rohini, in western Delhi, showed people running for cover while shots rang out. Gogi was arrested in April for his alleged involvement in 19 murder and attempted murder cases. A court official says lawyers should be given a special ID card to reduce the risk of impersonation. Sanjeev Nasiar, President of the Delhi Bar Association, said lawyers would stay away from work on Saturday and review the security measures in courts.