Suicide attack with many victims at a Shiite Muslim mosque in western Herat, Afghanistan


A suicide bomber and a gunman were involved. The scene was one of horrific carnage. “Based on our initial information two terrorists were involved one of them wearing a suicide vest, who detonated himself while the second one was armed with a rifle. They are both dead,” Herat police spokesman Abdul Ahad Walizada said to media. Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish initially said he thought it was a car bomb and tweeted that there was a possibility that it was a improvised explosive device. After attack, dozens of local residents, who are mostly Shias, attacked the police station pelting it with stones and setting it on fire. 

Scene of explosion at Jawadya mosque

The Jawadya mosque in Herat is close to Afghanistan’s border with Iran. No one immediately took responsibility for the attack on the Jawayia Mosque in Herat but Shiites are a minority in Afghanistan which have been permanently threatened by the Islamic State affiliate that operates in the country’s east. This attack came a day after ISIS claimed an attack in Kabul. On Monday a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Iraqi embassy, allowing at least three other militants to breach the compound, unleashing an hours-long gun battle.


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