A five-storey building collapsed on to a bus in South Korea killing many people


A terrible and uncommon accident occurred in South Korea on Wednesday: at least nine people have been killed after a five-storey building being demolished in South Korea collapsed on to a bus carrying 17 people, in the southern city of Gwangju. Eight people were seriously injured in the collapse and taken to hospitals. Videos uploaded to social media showed that the directly on to the bus. Debris engulfed the street in a huge cloud of dust. The bus driver was among the injured. Emergency officers were dispatched to the site.The bus was buried. South Korean firefighters searched for bus passengers trapped by debris. Rescue workers were equipped with stretchers and crowbars. Excavators hacked at a huge mountain of crumbled concrete and bent steel beams. The cause of the collapse wasn’t immediately known.


Two passenger cars were initially believed to have been also buried under the rubble but they escaped. South Korea has been known in the past for having a bad safety record in terms of infrastructure.One of the world’s worst peacetime building collapses happened in South Korea in June 1995, when Seoul’s Sampoong Department Store collapsed, killing more than 500 people. The country has in recent years tried to improve its safety record.