At least five killed and many injured in a knife attack in China


Authorities in the city of Anqing in Anhui province, in eastern China, received a report Saturday afternoon that a man had stabbed pedestrians on a commercial pedestrian street with a knife. Soon after the incident was reported, the police rushed to the spot. At least five people were killed and 15 injured, according to local police. The injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. From a video taken by pedestrians that went viral online, a man was seen lying on the ground with medics providing help.The attacker was arrested but the reason for the attack was not immediately clear. An investigation was under way. China’s Ministry of Public Security has dispatched a working group.


An appeal was made to people to donate blood for the injured, as a blood bank in the area was running low. Chinese law restricts the sale and possession of firearms. Mass attacks occur but are generally carried out with knives or homemade explosives. A school security guard wielding a knife injured at least 39 people at a kindergarten in the southern region of Guangxi in June last year and was sentenced to death. n 2018, a man who stabbed nine children to death and wounded another 11 in northern China was also sentenced to death. Violent crime has risen in China in recent decades as the country’s economic boom created a bigger gap between rich and poor.