China will allow couples to have three children


China is changing demographic interests. The Asian country will allow couples to have up to three children, after census data showed a steep decline in birth rates. This change was approved by President Xi Jinping at a meeting of top Communist Party officials. It will come with “supportive measures, which will be conducive to improving our country’s population structure, fulfilling the country’s strategy of actively coping with an ageing population and maintaining the advantage, endowment of human resources” according to Xinhua news agency. A skeptical opinion says however that living costs are too high and life pressures are too huge. Only a few young Chinese couples wants three children now. More young womem are choosing to pursue further education and employment, rather than settle down early to start a family.


The census, released earlier this month, showed that around 12 million babies were born last year – a significant decrease from the 18 million in 2016, and the lowest number of births recorded since the 1960s. At the same time, is estimated that any impact on China’s population, such as a decline, could have a vast effect on other parts of the world because many industries in the world rely on China. In an optimistic line, newspaper People’s Daily, broadcaster CCTV and news agency Xinhua are all posting happy cartoon images of children today on their social media pages and saying that the new policy has “arrived”.