Tragedy in Pakistan, at least 123 people killed in a blaze


The tanker had been carrying 25,000 liters (5,500 gallons) of oil and had been traveling from Karachi to Lahore. Most of the affected people were residents of the locality nearby. Ahmedpur Sharqia Health Center and Bahawal Victoria Hospital have not burn units to treat the injured. Most of those taken to the hospitals got 70% burn injuries. A burn unit is present in Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital, 150 kilometers from Ahmedpur Sharqia, but only 10 patients with burn injuries can be treated.

After blaze in Pakistan

Punjab chief minister’s helicopters have been dispatched to the area to urge transporting the injured. Later in the morning, Pakistan Army troops reached the incident site with others helicopters. The death toll could rise further. Dozens of vehicles, including 75 motorbikes and four cars, were also engulfed in the blaze. Identities of the deceased cannot be ascertained without obtaining their DNA sample, as their bodies were badly burnt in the incident. Traffic was suspended on the National Highway route following the incident. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  was vacationing outside the country. He was expected to be in London on June 25 for a medical checkup.


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