A landslide buried more than 120 people in Xinmo village, Sichuan Province, China


  There were no signs of the impending landslide.The landslide blocked a one-mile stretch of river and another mile of road. Heavy rains hit the region in recent days. The region has had landslides before. The number of possible deaths remained unclear, as officials estimated that 40 homes appeared to have been engulfed. Possibly the number of buried person are greater because schools are on vacation, so there may have been more children in the village than usual and the area also attracts tourists.

The landslide area in Xinmo

Mao County, which includes Xinmo, announced a state of emergency. About 500 rescuers and medical workers were converging on the area. The Communist Party secretary of Sichuan, Wang Dongming, and other officials were rushing to the village. The police and rescue workers arrived at the village and began searching buried ruins for survivors. Some people trapped inside used cellphones to call emergency lines. A couple and a baby were rescued and taken to hospital. Some cried out from under the earth. President Xi Jinping called for rescuers to “spare no effort.” China’s national weather observatory said more heavy rain was expected.


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