An Indian company is working to an oral Covid-19 vaccine


The Indian firm Premas Biotech, which has collaborated with American company Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. ,announced the development of an oral vaccine candidate. It has shown efficacy after a single dose. The vaccine is in a capsule form. A single dose of the Oravax capsule has been found effective and its efficacy has been proven in a pilot study on animals. Premas’ protein-based VLP (Virus Like Particle) vaccine provides triple protection against three parts of the SARS CoV-2 virus i.e. Spike S, Membrane M, and Envelope E targets (but not against Nucleocapsid N antigen). Clinical trials will launch soon in the second quarter of 2021.” Our innovative D-Crypt platform is optimized for highyield production of DTE-Ps, singularly, or in combination.


Premas is leveraging DCrypt to develop a multicomponent recombinant protein vaccine against ,” the company says on its website. The multi-antigenic approach is being designed to try to overcome presently known and possible future mutations of novel coronavirus, which, if successful, would result in the development of an effective vaccine. A modified version of baker’s yeast or Saccharomyces cerevisiae is being used to recombinantly produce the antigens, thus making the potential vaccine relatively easy to manufacture and produce at a mass scale.