At least 40 people killed in a bus accident in India


A horrific accident occurred Tuesday in India: an overcrowded bus drove off a bridge and into a canal in central India, Madhya Pradesh state, and killed at least 40 people. The bus was traveling from Sidhi district to Satna district. Eyewitnesses say that the driver lost control and the bus hit the boundary of the bridge before falling into the Sharda canal. More than 46 people were on board the bus, which was designed for 34. The driver managed to swim to the shore. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that two ministers were heading to the site of the accident to monitor rescue efforts.The water supply to the canal was cut to aid the rescue effort. Only six people were rescued. Authorities try to determine the cause of the accident.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his condolences to the families of the victims and called the accident “horrific.” He also announced compensation for the victims’ families as well as those who have been injured in the accident. Some 150,000 people are killed on India’s roads every year. „The situation is alarming… there are more deaths [in road accidents] than in Covid… It is more dangerous than Covid,” federal transport minister Nitin Gadkari declared.