Several people died and many were wounded in explosions at a private fireworks factory in India


Several explosions at a private fireworks factory in Tamil Nadu state’s Virudhunagar district in southern India killed at least 15 workers including one woman and injured dozens others, Friday. 28 of the critically injured people, out of which four have more than 90% burns, have been admitted to the Satur Government Hospital. Five special medical teams have been deployed to take care of those injured. The tragedy occurred in a village. The explosions occurred while chemicals were being mixed by the workers.Ten fire engines were called to fight the fire. Local reports said many people are still trapped inside the factory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the blast. “Fire at a firecracker factory in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu is saddening. In this hour of grief, my thoughts are with the bereaved families. I hope those injured recover soon. Authorities are working on the ground to assist those affected,” he tweeted.


Fireworks manufacturing is a big business in India, where fireworks are often set off at festivals and weddings. Firework factories in India are frequently found to flout safety regulations and accidental explosions are not unheard of. It takes just as much science to create the beautiful colors we enjoy watching during fireworks shows. Most colors are produced by carefully mixing chemical compounds. An officer from the local fire department told media that “Friction during mixing of chemicals appears to have caused the explosion”.