Super Nintendo Land will open at the Osaka theme park in Japan on February


will open at the Osaka theme park in Japan on February 4th, 2021, a little earlier than expected, Universal Studios Japan announced. Mario Kart might not be the best racing game to test out in the real world. A Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster is housed inside a reconstructed Bowser’s castle and makes use of AR and projection mapping technology, completed with augmented reality glasses to help them be “fully immersed in the game.” The experience will be different each time you ride, according to USJ.


Universal also announced a Yoshi’s Adventure ride, featuring Captain Toad and a quest for hidden colored eggs. Both attractions last about five minutes.The park is set to be further expanded with a Donkey Kong-themed area. The park says it’s working with health administration officials to ensure a safe environment for visitors and staff, as COVID-19 cases have been rising in Osaka recently, with a record count of 490 positive tests reached on one day. It is currently operating at 50-percent capacity. Japan has largely avoided strict lockdown measures to date.