Min Bahadur Sherchan, an 85-old Nepali climber, died Saturday before a new Everest ascension


So, he prepared for a second ascension at 85. He said before his attempt: “I have a lot of respect for Yuichiro Miura after he beat my record. But I am still fit and eager to reach the top of the mountain again and get my title back.” The cause of his death was possibly a cardiac arrest but it’s not yet confirmed. His love of mountaineering began in 1960 when he was assigned by the Nepalese Government as a liaison officer for the Swiss team climbing Mount Dhaulagiri. “He was healthy and fit and strong enough, we only know that he’s died but we don’t know what caused (it),”  a friend of him, Gyan Sherchan from the UK, told to media. Min was supported by the Myagdi Overseas Nepalese Association (MONA), which represents people from the Myagdi region of Nepal.


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