All residents – except one – in the Indian village Thorang have coronavirus


The entire people in village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul, India, some 856 people, have been tested positive for coronavirus, excepting one man. 52-year-old Bhushan Thakur was the only person found negative during the testing. The social gathering, a religious programme which was held few days back, is being blamed for the community transmission. The administration has restricted tourism movement to Teling nullah near the north portal of the Rohtang Tunnel to avoid the spread.


“I am staying in a separate room and have been cooking my meals for the last four days,” Bhushan Thakur declared. He respected strict protocols. The Lahaul-Spiti valley has become the worst-affected district in the state in terms of population ratio. Tourists were not allowed to enter Lahaul villages on Thursday. village is located along the Manali-Leh highway. People from the neighbouring areas have also found to be infected. The rising cases in Lahaul Spiti villages have become a matter of concern for officials. Indian health minister said that India will obtain 400 to 500 millions of vaccine doses until July next year.