Typhoon Goni severely hit Philippines, al least ten people were killed


Typhoon Goni, the world’s strongest storm this year, killed at least 10 people in the eastern Philippines on Sunday. Three others are missing. This typhoon came days after Typhoon Molave had killed 22 people in the Philippines. Nearly one million people were evacuated to emergency shelters. With winds up to 140 mph and gusts of 174 mph, the storm destroyed about 150 houses in the Catanduanes province. The typhoon touched part of the country’s capital city Manila. Communication, water and electricity are out. Manila’s main airport was shut down for one day, canceling dozens of international and domestic flights. In the Guinobatan municipality of Albay, an estimated 300 houses were buried under rubble, with “several people believed to be buried alive.”


110 individuals in the city of Batangas were rescued after being stranded by high floodwaters. 19 million people may have been affected by Goni’s path. Goni is continuing to weaken over the West Philippine Sea. It was one of the intense cyclones in history. The nation experiences about 20 typhoons a year. Recovery efforts are underway now. Local media observed that was noticeably absent. The Philippines is also in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with the second most cases in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia.