A fire at a 33-story apartment building in the South Korean city of Ulsan sent dozens to hospital


A fire engulfed multiple floors of an 33-story apartment building in the South Korean city of Ulsan, on South Korea’s southeast coast, late Thursday nigh. The fire began on the 12th floor before spreading across the building that houses 136 apartments. The Samhwan Art Nouveau commercial and residential building, which holds shopping units too. Material on the outside of the building had caused the fire to spread quickly. Early footage from the scene in Ulsan showed a huge ball of orange flame . Hundreds of residents evacuated . 77 people were rescued from the building, and another 82 were evacuated to a nearby hotel, according to the country’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety. 91 people were sent to hospital for minor injuries such as smoke inhalation and abrasions. No deaths were reported. More than 1,000 personnel were deployed, said the fire department, including 930 firefighters and 75 other emergency responders.


On Friday morning flames were still burning on the top three floors on the west side of the building, fueled by winds. After more than 16 hours, firefighters managed to stop the spread of the flames. Officials are investigating the cause of the fire, which they said started at a balcony in one of the lower floors late Thursday and spread up the exterior of the building.