Cuddle cafe Soineya opens in Akihabara, Tokyo


People pay an admission fee of 3000 yen and then they are presented with the “menu”.

The menu lists the standard and optional course. Wait, no desert? Soineya is not your ordinary cafe. You probably already guessed what’s on the menu. Standard course lists the price a customer has to pay to sleep with a girl (no sex involved). Prices start with 3000 yen for 20 minutes of sleep and end with 50000 yen for a 10 hour sleep.

The “optional course” lists the price for other “activities”. If you want to sleep in the girl’s arms then you pay extra. You can also pay for a foot massage or if you want to feel the hair of the girl you’re sleeping with. The “optional course” is rather expensive and prices are set for small timeframes (from one minute to three minutes).

If you go to such a cafe and just want to sleep with a complete stranger you will end up spending at least $127 (10000 yen) (3000 yen admission fee + 6000 yen one hour of sleep with a girl + 1000 yen sleeping in the girl’s arms for the first 3 minutes). Soineya already has customers and it’s currently hiring girls to sleep. When the pay is 3500 yen per hour who could pass this?


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