A huge fire in Beirut’s port, Thursday. Panic among the residents


A huge fire erupted in Beirut’s port weeks after a deadly blast from a warehouse rocked the city. The army said it had engulfed a warehouse storing engine oil and vehicle tyres. Thick black columns of smoke rose into the sky. Human rights researcher Omar Nashabe tweeted: “Where are we living? This is the scene of the crime a month ago! Where is the judiciary? Where is the state? Where is responsibility?” The fire is triggering panic among residents. It was not immediately clear what caused the fire at the facility. Army helicopters were taking part in efforts to extinguish the fire. Local TV stations said the companies that had offices near the port had asked their employees to leave the area. Lebanese troops closed the main road that passes near the port, referring traffic to other areas.


More than 100 firefighters are at the scene and army helicopters have been deployed to help fight the blaze. Beirut is still full of shattered glass and rubble from last month’s tragedy. Lebanon has difficulty holding anyone accountable for anything. More, it requires some $93 billion now to be bailed out of an economic crisis that is also largely its own making.